Best Shower Head 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By Louis Cook

Best Shower Head Reviews

Are looking for the best shower head?

If yes, then this is a right article for you.

Shower heads are the most important and indispensable item present in every bathroom. After a whole days tiring work, everybody loves to stand under a shower for few minutes. This few minutes refreshes our mood, energizes our body and relaxes our muscles. This refreshment can be increased if we have a nice showerhead that suits our needs.

Finding a decent showerhead that suits our needs is indeed a tough job, as there are so many showerheads to choose from. So I have tested and narrowed down some of the best showerheads available in the market.

In this article, I will be discussing best showerheads available in the market, their features, their pros, and cons, and prepared a buyer guide of the showerhead to help you with.

Best Shower Head 2022

Speakman S-2252
Delta Faucet 75152
Moen S6320
Hydroluxe Ultra-Luxury
Culligan WSH-C125
Hansgrohe 27474001
H2oVibe Rain Showerhead
High Sierra Showerheads
ShowerMaxx Shower Head

1. Speakman S 2252 – Best Shower Head

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The very first shower head in our list is the Speakman S 2252 High-Pressure Anystream Showerhead. Speakman S 2252 adjustable shower head has 6 plungers with 48 powerful sprays and is fully customizable.

With the patented Anystream 360 technology one can seamlessly rotate the handle in any direction to get the best showering experience from the transition of different spray patterns. It provides a comfortable, soothing shower with powerful sprays even if the water pressure is low. You can have intense current to the heavy downpour of water within a matter of seconds. It also can spray water at 1.75 to 2.50 GPM (gallons per minute). Actually, there are 3 models of Speakman S 2252 available in the market each with different water spraying capacity (1.75 GPM, 2 GPM, and 2.50 GPM).

Speakman S 2252 offers 3 modes or patterns of water flow; they are intense, rain and flood. In the intense mode, the water spray doesn’t intersect with any other. And the powerful stream gives a very sensual and refreshing shower. The rain setting is quite gentle; the water droplets are large and heavy and are soothing for the skin. The flood setting is all you want to have after a day of hard work to get yourself refreshed. The flood mode uses a powerful spray of water that relaxes your muscles. The drenching effect of thick water spray will to pound on your skin and give a comfortable shower.

The body of Speakman S 2252 is entirely made of brass to serve you for a very long duration. The outlook is also designed to look exceptionally well in your bathroom decor. The polished chrome finish can fit in any kind of bathroom design and will certainly add to the beauty of it. It has the feature of self-cleaning the spray nozzles which is very useful for users. The warranty provided by the manufactures for this showerhead is lifetime limited.

One notable mention is that there is a water restrictor placed inside the shower head that reduces the water flow. So if you want to have a more powerful flow of water you can remove it. But there is one catch; once you remove the water restrictor your warranty is void. Moreover, your water bill will certainly rise with the restrictor out of its place. Some users may not be satisfied with the shower head even with the restrictor removed. Another drawback of this showerhead is that there is no jet in the center of the showerhead. The other cheaper models of Speakman can attract the customers compared to this one.

This Showerhead is the best option for those users who likes powerful shower and different patterns of jet stream. It is not for those who likes light showering experience and certainly not for those who likes to conserve water.

  • Solid brass body for durability.
  • Customizable shower patterns with the adjustable stream.
  • Works fine with low water pressure.
  • Easily removable restrictor.
  • Water restrictor reduces pressure.
  • Stream patterns could not satisfy by all kinds of users.

2. Delta Faucet 75152 – Best Budget Shower Head

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The next shower head in our list is the single function Delta Faucet 75152. Although it does not have multiple functions or water patterns, this showerhead is included in our list because of the decent all-round performance it provides. This shower head by Delta is water amplifying shower head that uses H2O kinetic technology for unique wave pattern and powerful spray. It provides more coverage than regular shower heads with enjoyable shower and reduces the pipe noise.

Delta 75152 shower head has two settings of water the adjustable water amplifying spray and the H2O Kinetic Spray. The volume control switch helps in easy change of settings. It has dual flow settings 1.8 and 2.5 gallons of water per minute which can be adjusted according to the need. There are only 4 nozzles that are large and the manufacturers have designed it not to clog with minerals of water. If it does clog it can be cleaned easily. The best attribute of this Shower head is that it H2O kinetic technology makes it very much water efficient and it saves up to 36% of water compared to other Showerheads and can easily rinse your hair. The H2O kinetic technology allows you to choose among powerful and drenching shower or gentle water flow.

The body is plastic made with chrome finish. The installation is easy and it comes with mounting hardware for easy installation. The swivel ball assembly allows the showerhead to rotate in any direction. It is made to fit with ½” thread shower arms. For longer durability it is connected with a metal ball. The holes of spray are designed to be clog free, makes the cleaning simple. The manufacturers provide limited lifetime warranty.

A drawback with Delta Faucet 75152 is that the water dispersal is very narrow. The nozzles focus on a certain path rather than spreading out. So the water flow does not cover your whole body you need to adjust with it. One might find it too much annoying while having shower.  The misty effect that it provides tends to cool off or reduce the hot water feel.

Altogether this shower head is best for those users who likes pleasant shower with less water bill.

  • Reduces water bill by 36%.
  • Reduced pipe noise.
  • No problem of nozzle clogging.
  • Adjustable water flow.
  • Narrow dispersal of water.
  • Misty flow reduces the quality of a hot bath.
  • Plastic made.

3. Moen S6320 – Best Rain Shower Head Overall

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The Moen S6320 is a velocity two function shower head. But basically it is a rain shower. It is an 8 inch shower head that gives a lot of coverage. It provides rain rinse and jet spray modes of stream.

The showerhead comes with 100 nozzles to give you the best comfort and luxurious rain shower compared to other rain showerheads. The 8 inch diameter of the showerhead gives a nice coverage to your body. The steady flow releases up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute and rains over your body.  More over very few rain showers gives you the feature of two way function. It provides you jet spray mode also, you just need to turn the lever attached to the showerhead get a jet stream or rain fall.

It uses the immersion technology for giving a powerful stream and pressure for quality rinsing. The technology creates a self pressure and channels the water in circular pattern for consistent powerful stream of rainfall or jet spray. This technology gives you a thorough rinse every time you take a shower.

If you have a low water pressure at your house Moen S6320 might not give you the best rainfall experience. Some customers who like heavy water flow can remove the green water restrictor or the rubber band for better force if they are not satisfied with the stream. There are many products available in market giving rain shower in 8 inch diameter and are comparatively cheaper than Moen S6320. Also Moen S6320 does not have any angled rotation swivel.

The stylish design and durable body is available in 4 different finishes. They are polished chrome, brushed nickel, antique bronze and oil bronzed. The polished chrome is a better choice as it looks more stylish and its exceptional beauty adds to your bathroom decor. The nozzles are fitted with rubber formers for easy cleaning of mineral deposits. Moen provides limited lifetime warranty so you can enjoy your have pleasant showers for years to come without any worry.

This showerhead by Moen is a bit more expensive but offers you assured durability and excellent quality rainfall style shower. It provides the best quality rainfall shower compared to other rain style showerheads available in market.

  • Two way function (rain stream and jet spray).
  • 8 inch diameter of rain style showerhead covers full body.
  • Stylish design.
  • Available in four different finishes.
  • Price comparatively higher.

4. Hydroluxe Ultra Luxury – Handheld-Shower Combo

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This showerhead by Hydroluxe provides the most number of functions or patterns which makes it very popular and desirable among customers. The 24 full and combined functions of the water flowing patterns give an amazing experience to the users. It offers two showerheads, one main head and the other a handheld shower, both of them can be used together or separately with the combination of 24 functions.

This shower is totally different from the conventional showerheads. This device is specially designed for those who like to explore new items or try something different with their shower. It comes with 5 Full settings High power shower and hand shower. The 5 types of setting that the showerhead offers are Power rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Water Saving Economy Rain and Pause. To adjust the 5 settings with ease it is equipped with a lever dial on the showerhead. The diameter of the showerhead spray is 4 inch with chrome finish that gives needed stream flow to cover your body. Cleaning of any kind of clogs in the showerhead is made easy with the use of rub-clean jet sprays.

The 3 way diverter is designed in to give equal dispersion of water from both the main and hand shower. There is provision of angle adjustment overhead bracket so that you can adjust the angle of your shower according to your comfort. It comes with a 5 foot long stainless hose that is super in flexibility. The conical brass hose nut helps to tighten the hand with ease.

Installation can be done without tools and to make it simpler the package includes plumbers tape. The installation is so easy that anyone who has prior experience of fitting a shower can install it within a few minutes. A new user may find it difficult to install as it is not like a regular or conventional showerhead. But worries for new users are reduced with the installation video available on internet.

The luxurious design of this modern showerhead is bound to attract the customers more and the chrome finish can easily blend in your bathroom. Although unconventional in style this showerhead from Hydroluxe can be easily set up with regular shower arm. The warranty provided by the manufacturers is 10 years of limited warranty.

The showerhead is coupled with an anti swivel lock nut which means it cannot be rotated. And with the resistor in place it reduces the water pressure if both the showerheads are on. It also may not give you a satisfying shower if the water pressure is low. Multiple functioning may be a bit difficult for some users.

All over this new luxuriously designed showerhead has occupied places in the heart of customers with multiple functions. It made goodwill in market with its quality.

  • 24 full and combined functions.
  • 5 settings or patterns of water flow.
  • Luxurious design with chrome finish.
  • Rub clean jet sprays.
  • The 3-way diverter may reduce water pressure.
  • Does not work well with low water pressure.

5. Culligan WSH- C125 – Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

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This showerhead by Culligan is a filter showerhead that uses a quality filter system tested and certified by NSF international ANSI standard 177. The certified showerhead filter works as a single unit. The WSH- C125 offers to remove the harsh level of chlorine from water mainly. Besides chlorine it also removes sulfur odor, damaging scale build up. It uses the WHR- 140 filter cartridge that removes all impurities from water providing you with healthy water for soft and clean body and hair. More interestingly this filter also works as bacteria static, removing or reducing growth of bacteria within the showerhead. But where the water quality is too much harsh it might not soften the water entirely.

The Culligan WSH C125 is a wall mounted shower head that comes with full 5 spray settings of water dispersion. You can choose among different settings according to your preference. You can choose full body spray for better coverage, massaging or an invigorating pulse to relax your muscles. These simple settings will give you exemplary comfort while taking a shower.

The C125 water filter can last up to 6 months or can filter 10,000 gallons of water before needing a replacement of filter. The shower head is easy to install and requires no tools. Just apply plumber’s tape and mount it on the shower arm with ease. It can be easily fitted with ½” arm thread of regular shower heads.

The wall mounted shower head can disperse water up to 2 gallons per minute. But it depends on the pressure of water. It does not have a pressuring unit of its own. One might remove the filter if he wants a heavy shower.

The nozzles are mode of rubber with anti-clog feature. No need of hard cleaning just rubbing would do. Rubber micro nozzles have made the cleaning easier.

You can adjust the angle and height according to your needs. The 4.8 inch shower head gives a better coverage of stream area. The added filter makes the shower head a bulky and heavy one but the chrome finish certainly gives a good look to the item and increases durability.

The showerhead is the best for filtering out chlorine and other impurities giving clean and healthy water for bathing.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Certified filter quality.
  • Effective and consistent filtering of water.
  • Offers 5 settings of the comfortable shower.
  • Adjustable angle for better reach.
  • Does not work too well with low pressure.
  • Harsh water cannot be softened much.

6. Hansgrohe 27474001 – Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead

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This item by Hansgrohe is another rain style showerhead and probably the best rain dance shower head in our list. This shower head jet stream with Rain air spray mode makes you feel like you are in a rainforest and enjoying actual rain on your skin. The large showerhead, almost 9.5 inch, provides an excellent raindrop shower. And gives a lot of bathroom coverage making it perfect fit for large bathrooms.

The Hansgrohe 27472001 has the single Rain air spray mode that sprays air induced water droplets on your skin making your shower more refreshing, comfortable and luxurious than ever. The air enriched droplets are lighter, softer and fuller washing away your stress; and relaxing your muscles with the high performance spray. The use of Hansgrohe S 240 Air 1 Jet stream in the showerhead gives a more pleasurable shower experience. The flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute giving thorough coverage.

The chrome plating of shower head gives it an extraordinary outlook and adds to the beauty of any bathroom and elongates the durability. The shower head is available in two finishes chrome and nickel brushed. The showerhead can be tilted or rotated at 26° angle in any direction. It requires ½ inch standard arm for connection.

There are 180 silicon spray nozzles are easy to clean and the clogs or impurities can be wiped off with no trouble.

The ‘Hansgrohe’ brand itself stands for technical innovation, excellent design and superbly user friendly. So you can completely rely on the product’s performance, durability and quality.  This showerhead is easy to install and can be mounted within few minutes. If you have any queries about the showerhead or functionality or installation you can freely call the customer service number and they will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

But there is a drawback in this showerhead. This rain style showerhead surely does not give heavy downpour of rain even with high pressure of water.

The Hansgrohe 27472001 gives a pleasant rainfall with a feel that you are in a rainforest. This showerhead is designed to satisfy the majority of customers and that is why the manufacturers have worked hard on its functioning and performance.

  • Excellent rain shower performance.
  • Airpower technology provides air induced droplets are softer, fuller and lighter.
  • Rain spray mode gives a pleasurable shower.
  • Large 9.5-inch diameter of showerhead gives full coverage.
  • Easy to clean silicon nozzles.
  • Downpour of shower is not heavy.

7. H2O Vibe Rain Showerhead – Best Shower Head with a wireless speaker

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H20 Vibe by Chromo is a rain shower head that comes with a wireless audio speaker. This detachable speaker is enabled with Bluetooth. This showerhead is perfect match for those who love listening to music while taking a shower. The powerful drenching shower will refresh up your body and the speaker will freshen up your mind. It is a perfect combination for the body and mind.

The installation of H2O Vibe is easy and does not require any expertise. It can be mounted within minutes with the help of the instruction manual. The showerhead is wide enough for a powerful flow and better coverage. The showerhead gives you a soothing experience of luxurious spa. The chrome finish makes the showerhead look more stylish. The jet spray gives rain shower 3 times more than any standard showerhead.

The speaker has enhanced noise reduction for crisp, loud and clear sound. The speaker can be connected up to 33 feet via Bluetooth. It is a detachable speaker which is connected to the showerhead with a magnetic base. When you are done showering you can remove the speaker from the showerhead and take it anywhere. The speaker not only plays music but also allows you to answer phone calls and speak with the push button. You can talk while taking a shower through the dual microphones present in it.

There are certain drawbacks that need to be mentioned. There is only one pattern of water flow (rain shower) making is very average as compared to others. And the durability of the audio speaker might be reason to worry.

This showerhead is better than standard showers as it provides at 3 times more stream. You can listen to your favorite music which taking a shower with much clear sound.

  • Powerful drenching shower.
  • Loud audio speaker with clear sound.
  • 33 foot of wireless connectivity.
  • Detachable speaker.
  • Phone call answering feature.
  • Speaker longevity is less.
  • Only one pattern of water flow

8. High Sierra’s All Metal Showerhead

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The All Metal shower head from the house of High Sierra is the best showerhead for those who are seriously concerned about conserving water and reduce the water bill.

High Sierra showerhead is the most effective water conserving showerhead available in the market. They have a patent on the innovative FCS nozzle technology. It is a slow flow shower head that disperses only 1.5 gallons of water per minute which is comparatively low than other showerheads in general. This item is a trademark among all water conserving shower heads. The showerheads patent FCS nozzle creates high-intensity water dispersion out of the slow flow that it feels like a high flowing showerhead. This showerhead is certified by WaterSense as it saves almost 40% more water than average showerheads and likewise conserves more energy and bill. This model from High Sierra is labeled as GREEN showerhead for its all-around conservational ability. Though this showerhead conserves water energy and money it never compromises its performance and durability.

The All Metal body is antibacterial and durable. Quality of High Sierra showerheads cannot be doubted. The showerhead is available in four colored finish; chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and polished brass. The compact solid metal design rarely clogs.

The only drawback about this Showerhead by High Sierra is that the stream does not give a full coverage to your body. So it will take time to have a full drenching bath.

It is the best showerhead to enjoy powerful feeling with slow stream and invigorating drops. The best thing about this showerhead is the WaterSense certification as it conserves 40% water and reduces your water bill.

  • Conserves water, energy, and money.
  • Powerful feel with the slow stream.
  • Patented FCS technology.
  • Superior performance and durability.
  • Available in four colors.
  • The stream does not cover full body.

9. ELLO & ALLO LED – Best LED Shower Head

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This showerhead by ELLO & ALLO is the most luxurious and multifunctional rainfall and waterfall showerhead in our list. It is not just a showerhead, it is whole tower system shower panel loaded with body jet sprays, hand showers and a main shower. The rainfall or waterfall stream and jet body sprays gives massaging refreshment. The handheld shower has a multifunctional 3 setting pattern. It also has a sprayer.

The tower panel is build with the best quality SUS304 stainless steel and the body finish is brushed nickel to make it fingerprint free. The panel has multifunctional controls. Two basic control knobs are for function control and temperature control. It provides six functions in total. They are Rainfall, Waterfall, two function body sprays, hand shower and a water spray. The shower allows you to use 2 functions at a time. The water pressure decides the functioning of the items. The beautifully designed panel and the multiple functions will surely give you a relaxed showering experience you will never forget easily.

The LED lighting works with the flow of water. It requires no batteries so no problem of regular charging. The panel displays the temperature of water; helping you adjust temp according to individual needs. The body material of the faucet is brass. The hand shower is made of ABS plastic with the outside finish of zinc alloy and PVD plating. The hand shower hose is 59 inches long and made of stainless steel with a chrome finish.

Installation of this wall mounted panel is said to be easy as plumbing sets are included in the package but it is better to take expert help. You certainly don’t want to ruin this beautiful shower panel by installing it wrongly.

It comes with only two year limited warranty starting from the date of purchase from an authorized store or dealer. Buying this shower panel tower from the non-authorized store may result in no validation of warranty. One must have to very careful while buying this shower panel.

Problem with this Showerhead panel is low water pressure may reduce the force of water dispersal.

ELLO & ALLO LED is the best showerhead panel regarding style, luxury, functioning, comfort, and quality.

  • Multiple functions.
  • Tremendous style of design.
  • Superior performance.
  • Temperature control.
  • LED lighting.
  • Only a two-year limited warranty.
  • Low water pressure can reduce the stream force of jet sprays.
  • Installation may be tricky.

10. Showermaxx Showerhead – Best Handheld Shower Head

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Showermaxx Showerhead is a detachable handheld shower head with six spray settings for luxurious showering. It can be used as a fixed showerhead as well as a hand shower.

The most important attribute of this showerhead is the six different spray settings. It offers the customers to explore through the settings and enjoy the feel of a luxury spa. The different settings offered are Rainfall, Rainfall with Circular Massage, Circular Massage, Rainfall with power Massage and lastly a Water Saver Trickle mode to conserve water. You have the luxury to choose between these offered settings; may it be a water saver or a powerful massage or enjoy rainfall.

For better adjustment of showering angle the manufacturers added ball joints. These joints added more flexibility.

The high-pressure jet spray emits water at 2.5 GPM giving superior quality of water flow while taking a bath. The water restrictor inside the shower head can easily be removed for more effortless water flow and heavy downpour. The face diameter of 4.5 inches gives full coverage to the body with bathing.

It comes with chrome polished ABS body and self-cleaning silicon jet nozzles and a stretchable hose of 4.92ft. All these features make it an easily usable shower head for a person of every age group.

Inside the package, there are all the necessary items present for easy and hassle-free installation including Teflon tape. Installation is not so simple and can’t be done all by yourself; you need to follow the instruction manual or guide. Still, then it cannot be guaranteed that you will set it up right. It’s better to take the help of a plumber. Without proper setting, the joints will leak water.

The showerhead also comes with a removable restrictor, sand filter disk, and shower mount. The Showermaxx Showerhead comes in colors like chrome, brass, and nickel. The body is constructed with ABS material. The colors of this showerhead beautify the design altogether. Showermaxx Showerhead offers Peace of mind lifetime warranty with customer support.

The only issue with this showerhead is the durability of the stretchable hose.

This showerhead by ShowerMaxx provides the one the most luxurious bathing experience with high pressure jets.

  • 6 spray settings for superior bathing experience.
  • Detachable showerhead can be used as hand shower.
  • High-pressure jet spray ejects 2.5 gallons of water per minute.
  • Stretchable hose makes it easy for kids, pets and everyone else.
  • Installation not so easy.
  • Stretchable hose not durable.

Shower Head Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for and Consideration

Now let me tell you what to look for before buying the best shower head. Here I have compiled few importants which you should consider to select the best one.


Considering the budget of the showerhead is very important as it gives an idea about the limitation of your purse. A well-set price range is very much helpful in narrow down the number of showerheads available to you. If you are sure about what are your needs and budget, then you can search showerhead that satisfies your quest at fair reasonable price. Pushing your limits just to have extra features is not considered as cleverness. Moreover the item that costs more is not always the best one. Look for showerhead that suits you and does not surpass your budget.


Another attribute for consideration before buying a showerhead is the design. Everyone loves a showerhead with the best design but you must consider the working environment of the showerhead. A stylish and luxuriously designed showerhead panel may not fit in your small bathroom or a standard high pressure showerhead dispersing water at 2.5 GPM may not give you the desired output if you have low pressure of water. The water pressures at different floors are different, so you need to consider the design that suits your available resources. Moreover in today’s world scarcity of water is a big problem; so choosing a water conserving design of showerhead will definitely save precious water and reduce the bills also.

The diameter of the face of showerhead is also to be considered in design. There are many showerheads with variety of faceplates. Some are large, about 9 inch in diameter and some are about 4 inch in diameter. The large the faceplate the large the area of shower covered. Consider what type of face plate do you need that can also fit in your bathroom.

Easy cleaning nozzles are features of good design. Mineral or chlorine deposits inside the nozzles tend to clog and reduce the performance of the showerheads. Some advanced showerheads use anti clogging technology but a standard showerhead requires cleaning. Flat face plates are easily cleaned with gentle rub or wipe with towel. Silicon nozzles are also good in preventing clogs. They can be cleaned with scrubbing.


Showerheads are available in market from $10 to $1000. Most people thinks that the more the price the better the quality. But this assumption is totally wrong. There are many showerheads that are of supreme quality and available to you at a reasonable range.

Quality of a showerhead is determined mainly on three aspects. They are build material, performance and longevity. Most cheap showerheads are made of plastic and they serves well enough but does not give a long run. On the other hand metal build showerheads like nickel, chrome, brass gives a stylish appearance to the bathroom and runs longer than plastic ones. Longevity also depends upon maintenance of the showerhead. It may be a plastic one or a metal one if regular cleaning is done and with proper handling both the kinds lasts longer.

Different types of showerhead offer different water patterns or settings; like rainfall, waterfall, massage, misty shower, heavy shower or water conserving shower. These settings require high or low water pressure or flow. Choose the one that suits your water pressure otherwise you will not get desired performance. Every showerhead promises exemplary performance but do not trust these claims as they are misleading. To know the performance of a selected showerhead go through the customer review’s carefully.


Installing a showerhead in most cases is very easy as most showerheads offers tools free installation. But one must carefully understand the installation of a showerhead to as to check whether the showerhead will fit in the existing shower and plumbing setup of your bathroom. You certainly do not want to end up buying a luxurious or standard showerhead that does not fit in your bathroom’s arm thread.

Flow Rate:

Flow rate literally means the amount of water flows per minute out of the showerhead. If you like saving water and reducing water bills then you should go the showerheads that has Low flow rate of water. But if you want pleasurable, luxurious spa like, powerful, drenching heavy shower or massaging spray you should look for showerheads that has High flow rate of water. The highest limit of water flow rate is 2.5 GPM that is fixed by the Govt.  Some shower heads has the feature to control or adjust the flow rate.


Finishes of a showerhead are equally important as other aspects. Metal Showerheads come in many finishes like chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed brass, polished chrome, stainless steel, brushed bronze and many more. The better the finish quality better is the longevity of the showerhead. You must choose the finish color that suits your bathroom décor. Chrome finish is the most popular one.

What is a good flow rate for the shower?

A good flow rate of a shower means the high rate of water dispersion through the shower head per minute. The best flow rate of a shower is 2.0 to 2.5 Gallons per minute. A good flow rate provides a better showering experience to the customers.

High-Pressure Shower Head vs. Low-Pressure Shower Head

High-pressure shower head provides the powerful stream with a fast and heavy stream of water. And Low-pressure Shower head provides light and a slow stream of water.

High-pressure shower heads create pressure while dispersing water giving a stinging shower. This high-pressure shower relaxes your muscles and refreshes your body and rinses hair quickly.

With advanced technology, engineers have made showerheads that provides the satisfying shower with low pressure. It follows Water Sense certification program to save water and does not disperse more than 1.5 gallons of water per minute. This is usually done by inducing air with the exiting stream and giving it a powerful flow. But the slow water emission takes more time for hair rinsing and for an effective bath.

Shower Head Types:

Standard Wall Mount Shower Head: These are the most common shower heads seen in average bathrooms. They are permanently mounted on wall by ½ in arm. They don’t have multiple pattern sprays. The angle of shower can be adjusted. Normal flow of water had satisfied customers over the years.

Top Mount Shower Head: These shower heads are also know as ceiling showers. They are attached not on the wall but on the ceiling of your bathroom. They are more like rain dropping shower heads. The problems with top mount shower heads are they cannot be cleaned easily because they are out of reach and the angle of the flow cannot be adjusted.

Adjustable shower heads: These shower heads are luxurious in nature providing multiple settings of spray patterns for elite spa like bathing. It offers adjustable shower direction, adjustable stream speed.

Sliding Bar Shower Head: This shower head is attached sliding bar which is used to adjust the height of shower head. Sliding bar shower head is generally used in houses with family members having different heights.

Rain shower heads: This type of showerheads gives you the feel of actual rain drops while having a bath. The shower heads are large for better coverage and generally flat. These are low pressure shower heads that reduces the water pressure to give you a feeling of actual rain.

Handheld shower heads: Handheld shower heads works as both wall mount shower heads and hand shower. Actually it is a wall mount shower head that can be detached from the holding bracket. It has a long hose that makes bathing easy as it helps to rinse hard to reach places.

Low Flow shower heads: Low flow shower heads are specially engineered to conserve water. Multiple or single spray patterns provide effective and pleasurable bath. They follow WaterSense norms and the water flow rate never exceeds 1.5 GPM.

Fixed shower heads: These shower heads are permanently fixed to a faucet pipe on the showering wall. They are generally standard shower heads with single or dual spray patterns.

Dual shower heads: These shower heads have two shower heads one fixed and one detachable hand shower or both fixed at different places. Both are equipped with multiple settings of water flow making it a luxurious. It uses a diverter valve to split the water into the two shower heads. The shower heads can be used separately or together.

Aerating Showerheads: Aerating showerheads are water conserving low pressure showerheads. To make the low flow feel like powerful shower, air is mixed with water stream. This technology is immensely popular as saves 30 % to 36% of water.

Spray Patterns – Settings

Rain- Low-flow water flows from large shower head in form rain droplets with low pressure giving actual rain like feeling.

Massage- This pattern sprays high pressure water giving massage like feel to the body.

Full- Full spray uses every nozzle to disperse water.

Jet- Concentrated stream with high pressure water is thrown by shower head.

Pause- This pattern allows very little water with low flow to emit from shower head.

Special Features

Some showerheads have some special features that are to be mentioned. Some showerheads have temperature reading and control facilities.

Some showerheads come with Bluetooth audio speaker that allows you to listen to music while having a bath.

Some luxurious showerheads have customizable shower pattern that allows them to create a stream of their own.

Jet body spray, LED lighting while bathing is examples of such special features.

Some showerheads have digital or touch controls for operations.

What is H2OKINETIC Technology?

H2Okinetic technology is a certain wave pattern that helps in saving water. This technology discharge water flows in such a way that it gives a feel of more water is used and giving coverage but using no more than regular levels of water. This technology is used by DELTA FAUCET.

What is Immersion Technology?

Immersion technology of showerhead is self-pressurizing the water in the shower to disperse water out with maximum force creating the powerful stream for more coverage. This technology is used by MOEN.

Shower Head Laws & Environmental Considerations

In earlier days there were no laws about water flow from shower heads. Showerheads used to discharge water flow at 5-8 GPM. This resulted in wastage of precious water. But with time Governments have implemented laws to conserve water and stop it wastage. The present law states that no shower head can discharge water flow more than 2.5 GPM. These laws will help to maintain a balance in the environment.


There are many showerheads available with multiple functions, beautiful designs, and awesome features. But do not get tempted to buy a showerhead just because it has more features or looks beautiful. Be reasonable with your choice and buy only best shower head. Don’t go for cheap quality products.

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