Arlo vs Arlo Pro Comparison: Pros and Cons & My Opinion

By Louis Cook

Made a decision to buy a security camera from Arlo Brand.

But, confused to choose which one will be best for you, Arlo or Arlo Pro.

What is the difference between arlo and arlo pro?

Well, In this post, I am going to compare these two popular model Arlo and Arlo Pro.

In today’s world, modern technology plays a very important role in making our lives simpler. Smart home security appliances are such examples of this modern technology. Most people want their home to be safe and secure from outsiders. So they use modern home security cameras. There are many smart security cameras available in the market. Arlo is one such product brand that manufactures smart security cameras.

There are many customers across the country that uses Arlo products and are more than satisfied. These smart security cameras give you an extra pair of eyes to look after your home both from indoor and outdoor. Basically, you get an advanced security system in your home without much trouble. These devices work silently and only alert you when required. So, let’s see what is the difference between these to models Arlo vs Arlo Pro.

Arlo Vs Arlo Pro – Comparison Chart

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Arlo and Arlo Pro Design:

The first thing that I will be discussing is the design of Arlo and Arlo Pro. Both Arlo and Arlo Pro have almost the same design and outlook.

Everyone likes to have a gadget that looks cool and works fine. The designers of these products have given them attractive look so that the customers won’t be able to resist themselves from buying a stylish security camera.

The body of Arlo and Arlo Pro is rather small and more stylish compared to other products available in the market. They have not changed the model of Arlo Pro because it is a quite successful design, and is still in demand among the customers.

From personal experience and customer reviews, it is evident that the design of Arlo is very popular. I think the Arlo Pro and Arlo both are the winners in the design aspect. Moreover, there are very few other security cameras that provide you such style, attractive design, and performance in one product.

Arlo VS. Arlo Pro Differences


There is no audio input or output device or feature in Arlo.

Now in contrast with Arlo, there are some features that are new in Arlo Pro audio feature is one of them. The manufacturers have equipped the Arlo Pro with 2 way Audio device (a microphone and a speaker) and live streaming facility through your mobile app so that the customers can also talk through the device like a smart doorbell.


ARLO: Arlo camera requires 4 Li CR123 photo batteries to run. The battery life depends on the usage, settings, and temperature.

ARLO PRO: The Arlo Pro Camera has an inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery of 2440 mAh for uninterrupted security.

Arlo VS. Arlo Pro Similarities


Arlo is the first wire-free security camera from this brand and with its launch, it became immensely popular among the customers.

The most important feature of Arlo cameras is that it is completely wire free. You can set up your cameras anywhere may it be indoor or outdoor without any hassle of connecting wires. Just sync your cameras with the base station and put your cameras anywhere.

Arlo cameras are smart enough to send motion alerts and push notifications to your mobile app or to your email if the camera senses any kind of motion at any time of day.

Arlo works just fine with other products like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Stringify.

Moreover, Arlo base station can work with 5 cameras at once with 300+ feet rage of wireless fidelity.

It can be upgraded with Arlo smart upgrade.

Arlo Pro:

The Arlo Pro is an updated version of the previous Arlo original. So it has to be loaded with extra features.

The base station of Arlo Pro is updated with improved functionality. Arlo Pro is also 100% wire free just like its original version. It also has the added specification of wiring your device that means you can either use Arlo Pro as wire-free or as a wired device.

The Arlo pro also has a Smart Siren of 100+ decibels that will go on when it detects any unusual motion in the camera. It is a very useful addition to the tally. It will be very helpful to scare of thieves and trespassers.

Arlo Pro also works very well with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Stringify and the Google assistant.

Arlo Vs Arlo Pro – Video Quality


The video quality provided by this model is 720P HD video with 110° field of view. The device also possesses integrated infrared night vision lights so that you won’t miss anything at night.

Arlo Pro:

It also has 720P HD video just as Arlo but instead of 110° wide view Arlo Pro has improved wide view range of 130°. It also posses advanced motion sensors so that you won’t miss any unusual activity.

Aro and Arlo Pro Storage:


Another feature of Arlo is that you can get 7 days of free cloud storage without any payment or subscription. It means you can check your motion-triggered recordings within 7 days. After 7 days the previous records will be erased.

Arlo Pro:

Unlike its predecessor Arlo original, Arlo Pro has a USB port which gives you the feature to download your recordings in USB devices and you can also store them directly in your local storage. It does not mean that Arlo Pro do not have Cloud storage facility. Like Arlo, it also comes with 7 days of free cloud storage.

Weather Resistant:


The next feature that makes Arlo immensely popular is the weather-resistant capability. The manufacturers at Arlo made the cameras fully weather resistant and it is certified by IP65. It is made to withstand rough weather conditions like rain, cold and heat. The temperature of its working ranges from -10° C to 50° C.

Arlo Pro:

Arlo pro is also resistant to any kind of weather. The manufacturers have increased the working temperature range -10° C to 45° C. So the improved Arlo Pro can withstand extreme weather conditions like snowfall, rain, and heat.

Night Vision:

ARLO: Arlo has a night vision technology for working in night hours.

ARLO PRO: Arlo Pro has integrated night vision that automatically switches on at night to monitor your area so that you won’t miss any unusual activity at night.

In case of features, Arlo Pro beats its predecessor Arlo.


Above are the features offered by the two smart security cameras. Now I will be discussing how these features work in real conditions.

Arlo vs Arlo Pro

The first thing that comes in line in case of performance is the battery issue. The Arlo original uses 4 Li CR123 Photo batteries which works just fine in normal conditions but in case on extreme weather conditions then generally tend to give up more over they are not rechargeable batteries, so when they run out you have to buy a new set of batteries.

Whereas Arlo Pro uses 2440 mAh Lithium ion rechargeable batteries that give you long run in one full charge and more over they don’t usually give up in extreme weather conditions especially in cold weather.

Now both the devices use 720P HD video recording. It is an advantage in home security as you get crystal clear video monitoring 24×7. The Arlo has a view of 110° and the Arlo Pro has a view of 130°. Both have IR night vision that works extremely well in both cases. The Arlo Pro gives a detailed more vision and a little bit extra coverage of area.

The functionality of both the devices base station is almost same, but Arlo Pro is slightly better. The video feed of Arlo lags up to 5-8 seconds where as the video lag of Arlo Pro is only 2-3 seconds.

The 2 way audio facility provided by Arlo Pro makes it very popular and customers are quite happy with this spec. this facility is available through mobile app. You can use your mobile app to talk through the device and have a live one to one conversation with a person standing at your door or backyard or inside of your house.

The motion sensor of the Arlo is good but not that good enough. It sometimes fails to sense delicate motions. Whereas the senor of Arlo Pro is excellent to detect motions and send immediate push notifications to your email and mobile app. And the added feature of Smart Siren in Arlo Pro is wonderful. It will automatically raise an alarm when it detects motions in areas set as security prone zones by you. But there is an issue with this motion sensitivity. There is a high chance of getting false alarms. The sensor’s sensitivity needs to be adjusted through the app according to the environment of its set up. Otherwise you will we get false alarms if wind blows strongly, it rains heavily or snow falls or any other small natural motions.

Arlo and Arlo Pro’s free Cloud storage of 7 days is quite unique compared to other security appliances. Both devices record the feed in 720P and upload it to the Cloud storage but if the WI-FI connection is slower it might have some problems. Therefore Arlo Pro comes with the extra option of local storage through the USB port in the base station.

Here also in performance, the Arlo Pro wins the battle.

The Mobile App

Both the devices use the same app for controlling the features. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. There is nothing much to discuss or differentiate between these two in case of mobile app usage.

Using the mobile app of Arlo is very easy. It has 3 sections mainly (mode, devices, and library).  Mode section has 3 features they are ARMED, DISARMED and GEOFENCING (Beta app). Basically, it is the control section of the device. The second section shows how many devices are connected to the base station and their status. The last section shows your recorded videos. The device only records only if it detects any anomaly in motion.

The app also allows the user to adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity. Earlier there are many complaints launched against the mobile app. So the manufacturers updated the app now there are fewer complaints but still there remain some issues with the app.

Arlo and Arlo Pro Pros & Cons



  • Free cloud storage of 7 days.
  • 100% WIRE FREE.
  • 720p HD video.
  • The wireless range over 200 feet.
  • 110° wide view.
  • High-quality night vision.
  • Motion Alerts
  • Weather resistant.


  • No 2-way audio.
  • No Smart siren.
  • Average mobile app.
  • Lagging of 5-8 seconds.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries.

Arlo Pro


  • 720 HD Video with 130° of the wide view.
  • 7 days of free cloud storage.
  • Local storage available through USB.
  • 200+ feet of WI-FI range.
  • 2 way audio for one to one conversation.
  • Smart Siren.
  • Enhanced night vision.
  • Flexible wiring.
  • 100% wire free.
  • Weather resistant to extreme conditions.
  • Enhanced motion sensors for motion alerts.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Live streaming.


  • Average mobile app
  • Chances of false alarms.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the advantage of the base station?

The base station is the center of communication with the cameras. The base station is the only medium that allows you to access your cameras remotely through mobile or web browser. It connects the cameras to the internet, records videos, send notifications and allows you to view your videos from anywhere.

Q. What’s the range between camera and base station? Inside or outside?

The manufacturers claim the range to be 300 feet inside and outside for both the devices, but it actually gives a better range within 250 feet.

Q. How long does that battery last under normal operating conditions?

Under normal conditions, Arlo batteries last for average 3-4 months according to the manufacturers. Arlo Pro batteries last for average 4-6 months. The battery life depends upon a daily stream, daily usage settings, and weather conditions.

Q. What’s the difference between Arlo Pro base station vs. Arlo base station?

Arlo Pro base station provides local storage facility, it is also equipped with the siren system and it uses 900 MHz ARM Cortex A7 processor. But the Arlo base station lacks siren system and local storage and uses 500 MHz MIPS 74K processor.

Q. Can I use Arlo cameras with Arlo Pro base station?

Yes, according to NETGEAR you can use old version cameras of Arlo with new ARLO PRO base station and you can do it the other way around (new camera with the old base station).

Q. Should I upgrade my standard Arlo cameras and base?

Yes, you should if you want to upgrade your security with 130° view area, integrated night vision and of course 2 way audio for talking to persons at your door while streaming live.

Q. Is local storage supported? What happens when you lose internet connection?

Local storage is not supported for Arlo but there is a USB port in the base station which allows you to record your videos in local storage.

Both Arlo and Arlo Pro have cloud recording facility. It means both the devices require an active internet connection to upload your videos. So without active internet, no cloud recording will be done and moreover, you cannot access your cameras from the web or mobile app.

Q. What if somebody cuts the power off, for instance, the internet, does it keep recording?

No, it does not keep on recording it the power gets cut off of the internet. As the device records directly on the cloud, it requires internet without it recording cannot be done.


Both the products of Arlo are equally good and have almost provides same performance. But as it is a comparison article one has to win. So after going through all the aspects the winner in this comparison article is the ARLO PRO. But it must be said that Arlo Pro wins this clash mostly because of its added features. Otherwise both ARLO and ARLO PRO are almost neck to neck in terms of their performance. So if are to buy a product among this two you can rely on both.

According to me, a new user should go with the ARLO PRO, because it gives you more features and enhanced performance in terms security among the two. There is no point in buying an older version when there is an upgraded version available in market.

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