Best Gaming Headset Under 100 For PC, PS4, and Xbox One

By Louis Cook

If you are an enthusiast gamer then you must have a good gaming headset. Because without having a good gaming headset you can’t feel the moment in a great way.

So, If you looking for the best gaming headset under 100, then this is the best place for you.

In this post, I have reviewed the best gaming headset under 100 dollar available in the market.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100

Headset NameAudio TypePrice
Hyper X Cloud AlphaStereo
Steelseries Arctic 5DTS 7.1 Surround
Corsair Void ProDolby 7.1 Surround
Hyper X Cloud ll7.1 Virtual Surround
Turtle Beach Ear Force XoAmplified Stereo
Razer Kraken Pro V27.1 Surround
Sennheiser GSP 302Stereo
Logitech G533DTS 7.1 Surround

1. Hyper X Cloud Alpha – Best Budget Gaming Headset Under 100 (Editor’s Choice)

[amazon_link asins=’B074NBSF9N’ template=’Customtemplate’ store=’timesdigit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aeb9d3f9-53da-11e8-93e9-21c897b200b0′]

The very first product on our list is the Hyper X Cloud Alpha gaming headset. It is the best gaming headset you can have under 100 dollars.

It is the modified version of the Hyper X Cloud ll.

As you are looking for Gaming headset under $100 you certainly cannot ask for superior sound quality but this product gives you features that could be treated to your ears and comfortable as well.

The manufacturers at Kingston had not compromised with the sound quality for some frenzy look or unwanted feature.

Design & Build Quality:

It’s closed back design and tight ear pads give your ear an exemplary satisfaction while gaming. The headset is made with the signature award-winning design with flexible headband and softer headband coating that makes it a comfortable product for prolonged use. The ear pads and headband is covered with pliable leathers giving it an astonishing outlook. The ear pads are fitted with memory foam ear cushion that reduces the sweating issue and provides supreme comfort in long gaming hours.

In case of durability the manufacturers have worked on the body structure for daily gaming usually takes a toll on the headset because not all users use the headset with care. Gamers usually do not show that much delicacy in their daily usage of headsets. So the designers at Hyper X have given it a classy and stylish look and strong aluminum frame body for long durability and stability.

The headset also comes with a 10ft long braided cable which has the inline audio control system in it, where you can turn up or down the audio volume of your headset and also mic muting feature. The braided cable is also detachable which makes it easy to carry on the journey just plug in the cable when using and when you need to pack it just unplug the cable.

Features & Specifications:

The new Hyper X cloud Alpha has a 53mm driver with the dual chamber for distinctive audio and less distortion which gives you superior in-game experience. It has single connectivity jack which is 3.5mm that makes it compatible with all kind of PCs. The product dimension is 9.2 x 8.2 x 4.7 inches. This model of Hyper X Cloud Alpha is slightly on the heavier side than its predecessor, it weighs 12 ounces. The big ear cups and the aluminum body is the reason behind its added weight. The microphone is detachable one with noise cancellation feature. So you can use the microphone while gaming and unplug it while listening to music or watching a movie.

Now coming on the most important aspect that is sound quality and audio type. The audio type or sound type Hyper X Cloud Alpha is a stereo. Its driver frequency response ranges from 13Hz to 23000Hz. Its impedance is of 65 ohms.

This product of Hyper X provides unparallel sound quality. Hyper X Cloud Alpha is compatible with all platforms may it be any PC or Xbox or Play stations. Though in cases of high-end games the stereo sound won’t give you the accurate positional audio otherwise this is the best headset to have under $100.

I have found this headset by HyperX a little bit heavy but more than satisfactory for medium ranged gaming and great for listening to music. It will be best for users who like headsets to serve the purpose of gaming and listening to music as well.

  • Stylish look with pliable leather on earphones.
  • Aluminum body for durability and stability.
  • Audio driver of 53mm with dual chambers.
  • Detachable cable and microphone.
  • Noise cancellation microphone.
  • Weight is slightly heavy.
  • Stereo sound type is not good with high-end games.

2. Steelseries Arctic 5 – RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset

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The second product on our list is the Steelseries Artic 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset. It is also an excellent gaming headset with cool looks. It is an over head gaming headset which can surprise you with its performance.

This gaming headset can outshine its competition by its hi-fi stylish outlook. The surround sound for PC gamers gives you such an amazing treat to ears in such a low price range that you would like to hold on to it for a long time. The designers at Steelseries know how to win the heart of their customers and provide the features they need without compromising with the sound quality.

The first thing that makes this Steelseries Arctic 5 headset one of the best in the market under $100 is its superior sound quality. The device has been equipped with S1 speaker drivers are made to give you every small detail of movement and precision of sound while gaming, which is a great advantage in intense gaming situations.

The DTS Headphone X 7.1 surround sound makes your gaming experience realistic on PCs and gaming platforms. The audio drivers are of 40mm.  You can also control your audio output form surround to Equalizer of Arctic 5 with SteelSeries engine software. It also provides stereo sound for devices like PS4, Xbox one, VR and mobiles which means you can not only enjoy your games on your headset but also take pleasures of music, movies etc. The surround sound works with most of the games but not with of them all. And sometimes it interferes with the microphone.

Now the next thing to discuss the Steelseries Arctic 5 RGB is the design and other features. The body is plastic made which makes it lightweight but the plastic is durable. To get the sleek design and elegant looks the manufacturers had to go with durable plastic. It has self-adjustable headbands. The Ski Google suspension elastic headband fits on your head and the plastic headband is like a support to the headset. The Ski Google suspension belt that fits on your head reduces the pressure of points making it extremely comfortable to wear for long hours of gaming. High quality elastic is better than a plastic headband attached on your head. It also reduces the weight of the headset on your head and balances the whole device. The Steelseries Artic 5 headset uses soft Airweave ear pads or cushions made of fabric to cover your ears and keep them dry. This Airweave Cushions are inspired of athletics performance fabric. The ear cushions are removable and changeable.

It has RGB lighting on the name that adds to its beauty. The headset has both 3.5mm jack and USB porting for connectivity; naturally it nullifies all the compatibility issues across gaming platforms making this device compatible to all. The detachable USB soundcard with Chat-mix facility allows the user to balance the volume of chat as well as the game at same time. The main volume control and microphone mute key is on the headset body on left ear cup of the device. The microphone has noise cancellation feature that sends crystal clear audio to the other side listeners. So this headset is an example of best headset under $100.

Steelseries Artic 5 is the very comforting headset that provides nice sound quality, but the DTS 7.1 Surround sound does not go well with every genre of games. I would recommend this product for those gamers who prefer comfort over precision and accuracy.

  • Great design
  • Superior sound quality with 7.1 Surround sound.
  • RGB lighting.
  • Ski Google elastic headband reduces pressure on the head.
  • Chat mix equipped.
  • Compatible with all kinds of platforms.
  • Stability of headset and comfort.
  • Surround sound sometimes interferes with a microphone.

3. Corsair Void Pro – Best wireless gaming headset under 100

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The third product on our list is from the house of Corsair, the model is Corsair Void Pro. It is a wireless overhead gaming headset with 40ft wireless range. The price is $99.99. It is a Discord certified headset. As this product comes from the house of Corsair, one can expect that he will have a more than satisfactory product. The Dolby 7.1 surround sound of Corsair Void Pro takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The best aspect of this Void Pro model of Corsair is the comfortable design it offers. The ears pads and the headband are made of microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam that keeps your ear dry and gives the user a comfortable feel to the ears and reduces pressure from your head, and more importantly you won’t feel uncomfortable on long hours of gaming. The body is made of Corsair build plastic and the ear cups are given metal brackets for longer durability and they are designed to sit around your ears, reducing the chance of sound leakage. Moreover the brackets can be folded making portability easy and easy to hand around your neck. It also has a little issue on its design. The headband is a bit large, so for users it will be a problem of fitting in.

The microphone has unidirectional and noise cancellation feature making your voice crystal clear. It automatically mutes when you raise the boom up. The adjustable microphone is attached to the left ear cup. There is a volume control and LED mute button and a power button. It weighs 13.8 ounces. Its dimension is 8.1 x 3.9 x 7.5 inches. It runs on a lithium-ion battery that gives a battery life of 14-16 hours and has a USB port for charging. It comes in colors like carbon black, white and red. The wireless range is 12m (40feet).

Corsair Void Pro is one of the most popular gaming headsets available in market because of its precision in audio clarity. The audio is crystal clear with Dolby 7.1 Surround sound with 50mm custom tuned neodymium audio drivers. The frequency range of the headset is 20Hz to 20000Hz. Impedance of Void Pro is 32k ohm @ 1 kHz. The device is compatible across all platforms and its operating system is Windows. You can sync it with other Corsair devices with the CUE program. Backsides of the ear cups have brand logo in RGB lighting.

Void Pro is also available in many colors and USB wired connection.

I felt this headset delivers every feature that is has promised.  It provides super sound quality, long battery with large wireless range. What more do you want from a headset under $100?

  • Wireless device.
  • RGB coloring.
  • Superior audio experience with Dolby 7.1 Surround sound.
  • 14 to 16 hours of battery life.
  • Wireless range of 40ft or 12m.
  • Comfortable ear cups with memory foam and microfiber mesh fabric.
  • Excellent compatibility across gaming platform.
  • The issue with bootloader mode.
  • The microphone cannot be detached.

4. Hyper X Cloud ll – Gaming Headset for PC & PS4 & Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

[amazon_link asins=’B00SAYCXWG’ template=’Customtemplate’ store=’timesdigit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aeb9d3f9-53da-11e8-93e9-21c897b200b0′]

Next up is another wired gaming headset from the house of Kingston; Hyper X Cloud is the improved version of Hyper X Cloud. There is not much change in the design but slight modifications are added to the new version. Just under $100 mark this headset gives you 7.1 virtual Surround sound with clear audio and sheer comfort. The headset is available at $99.96 in market.

Hyper X Cloud ll is loaded with lots of features. Firstly the audio system uses 7.1 virtual surround sound which give you superior sound experience and clear and precise audio to determine the depth and distance while gaming. This is a new spec added to the new Cloud ll. It has an audio frequency ranging from 15Hz to 25000Hz. The audio driver is of 53mm neodymium magnets which make the sound crystal clear so that you won’t miss any beat. Altogether the Hyper X Cloud ll takes your in-game experience to the clouds. Another aspect of this headset is that you can not only enjoy superior quality of sound while gaming but you can also enjoy the music and movies with it. No driver is required to install for this headset just plug in and play. But in case of stereo it requires an extra adapter.

Coming on to the design, the wired device comes in two colors red and gun metal. The ear cups are coated with memory foam that gives immense comfort to your ears. The ear pads are made of removable leatherette and the headset comes with a spare set of soft velour ear pads. The earphones are big enough to cover your ears. This headset by Hyper X has an advanced audio control box that can be attached to it through USB; there are buttons to adjust the volume of both audio and microphone, and another button to toggle the 7.1 Surround sound on or off. It also possesses an internal sound card DSP that amplifies the gaming sounds. The inline sound card manages the Noise cancellation on microphone and echo cancellation. Another advantage of this headset is that the microphone is easily detachable from the headset. The connective cable is almost 3m long and well braided for durability.

The Hyper X Cloud ll is compatible with all kind of gaming platforms and more over it also has the option of stereo sound so that you can use it for enjoying music as well. It is Pro-gaming optimized headset. It is powered by USB for PCs and Macs and 3.5mm stereo compatible with Xbox one and PS4. For PS4 you need to lower your audio volume as there is no surround sound and high stereo sound may hurt your ears.

I would like to recommend this product for PC users and others but not to PS4 users, as it has no Surround sound option for PS4. Apart from that I found this device quite comfortable and the sound quality is great.

  • 7.1 virtual surround sound.
  • Replaceable microphone with noise cancellation.
  • Designed for comfort.
  • Separate volume control.
  • Clear and distinctive audio.
  • Require extra adapter or 3.5mm cord to connect as stereo.
  • Only two colors are available.
  • No surround sound for PS4.

5. Turtle Beach Ear Force Xo One – Amplified Gaming Headset

[amazon_link asins=’B00KSVXSZU’ template=’Customtemplate’ store=’timesdigit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aeb9d3f9-53da-11e8-93e9-21c897b200b0′]

This product from Turtle is a whole and sole gaming headset. The price of this Turtle Beach Ear Force Xo is considerably low than the other products on this list. The market price of Turtle Beach Ear Force Xo is $53.93. Although the price is lower than the other headsets in this list but the sound quality is not in any way lower than any of them. It is an average looking gaming headset with exceptional audio performance and the microphone is also of good quality. It is a wired device solely made for Xbox One.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Xo is equipped with high quality 50mm powerful audio speakers and an enhanced bass boost for giving you the best gaming experience on you XBOX One. The sound quality is amplified stereo. You will get more clear and detailed audio while gaming. This headset will let you watch movies or listen to music through your Xbox console.

The design is very simple and the body is made with durable sturdy plastic. The earphones are large and oval and will fit in regular ear size. The ear pads and headband are coated with soft mesh fabric. The whole headset is very lightweight making is comfortable to wear for lengthy gaming hours. Turtle Beach Ear Force Xo has a detachable and flexible Omni-directional microphone. It also has an independent Chat-mix volume control that connects to the XBOX One directly. Another added feature is the mic-monitoring which allows you to monitor your own voice on microphone.

I like this headset because it is made only for gaming on Xbox one. Moreover you can enjoy music or movies with this headset through your Xbox console. So Xbox One users could go for it but not others.

  • It has 50mm speakers with bass boost for high-quality audio.
  • Sturdy plastic body.
  • Independent chat-mix controller and mic monitoring
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Compatible with XBOX One.

6. Razer Kraken Pro V2 – USB Gaming Headset

[amazon_link asins=’B01LZM1WRC’ template=’Customtemplate’ store=’timesdigit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aeb9d3f9-53da-11e8-93e9-21c897b200b0′]

Razer Kraken Pro V2 is a USB headset with Chroma coloring and 7.1 Surround sound for positional audio and pin-point accuracy. It brings your gaming experience to life. With elegant looks and comfortable design the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is one of the best gaming headsets any gamer can get under the mark of $100; the price this device is available is $77.99.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 provides awesome sound to your ears. With custom tuned 50mm driver and 7.1 virtual Surround sound for PCs and Stereo sound for Xbox and other platforms, it will surely give you clear audio(with the exact and precise location of enemies in games) and exceptional in-game performance to all kind of games may it be FPS or Online Multiplayer or any other genres. You can customize your Surround audio settings manually according to the game requirements with Razer Synapse program. It is strange for a gaming headset having EQ preset for music. So you can rely on this gaming headset plays music exceptionally well.

The microphone of Razer Kraken Pro V2 is not detachable but it is fully retractable, means it can go inside the headset and hide as it is absent and come out whenever required. It has noise cancellation, RGB, EQ features that are managed by Synapse. The body is made of Bauxite aluminum making it flexible as well as lightweight, weighing only 12.3 ounces. The oval shaped earcups are designed with 1 inch thick ear padding to engulf your ears. It gives your ears super comfort and you can wear it for hours without serious sweating. The headband is also nicely padded for comfort. It has a 7 ft long cable for connection to the PC or Xbox. But the wire quality is not that good compared to others. The backside of the earphones is grilled with aluminum.

It is a good gaming headset that plays music exceptionally well. So this headset might be a good purchase for those users who are looking for a 2 in 1 headset. Leaving aside one or two drawbacks it is a comfortable headset with great audio output.

  • 7.1 virtual surround sound.
  • Ear cups have 50mm driver for super audio quality.
  • Ear cups covered with 1 inch thick padding for superior comfort to ears.
  • Retractable microphone with noise cancellation.
  • Plays music exceptionally well.
  • No volume control.
  • EQ preset to music.
  • Wire quality is not so good.

7. Sennheiser GSP 302 – Closed Back Gaming Headset

[amazon_link asins=’B074T75ZYP’ template=’Customtemplate’ store=’timesdigit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aeb9d3f9-53da-11e8-93e9-21c897b200b0′]

Sennheiser GSP 302 is another wired gaming headset that has excellent sound quality, balanced design, and elegant look. The headset has exemplary bass performance with audio clarity. It is a nice gaming headset to have for your PC or PS4 or XBOX or any gaming consoles at $83.98.

With closed back design, racetrack oval ear cups and split headband, the designers have given it a serious gaming look. The large ear cups are coated with memory foam padding for best noise isolation to your ears. They are coated with faux leather thus reducing the sweating issue. The large ear cups completely sit around your ears giving you comfortable audio experience for long hours. The split headband is designed to have a stabilized grip on your head. It is covered with mesh fabric that is comfortable to the head.

There is a volume control on the right ear cup to adjust the volume up or down on the go. The headset weighs averagely at 1.32 pounds and the dimension of the headset is 4.3 x 9.2 x 8.8 inches. Sennheiser GSP 302 has awesome compatibility with PC, XBOX One, PS4 and MAC. It is available in many colors but price varies with each color.

The microphone has excellent broadcast quality noise cancellation and audio pickup. Mute button is not present in the headset by it can be muted just by raising the boom arm. The cord is not braided but is long enough.

The sound quality is pretty fantastic with acoustic clarity and amazing bass performance. There is no surround sound but it does not fail to give you realistic gaming experience. The device requires no hardware installation, just plug in and play. It has 3.5mm jack with dual connector one for mic and the other for headset.

I must mention that its mic pick up is very good in case of in-game chatting. Sound is also good with powerful bass. After going through the overall aspects of this headset I think it is a nice headset for users who can use it with care, as the wire may not take much wear and tear.

  • Excellent mic pickup and noise cancellation.
  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4 etc.
  • Powerful bass with satisfying sound quality.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Sturdy plastic body.
  • Enclosed ear cups reduce ambient noising.
  • Non braided wire.
  • No Surround Sound tech.

8. Logitech G533 – Wireless Gaming Headset

[amazon_link asins=’B01MXE0FKC’ template=’Customtemplate’ store=’timesdigit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aeb9d3f9-53da-11e8-93e9-21c897b200b0′]

The last product on our list is the Logitech G533. This gaming headset is a wireless one with the range of operation within 15 meters and very high quality of sound with Surround Sound.

The design of this headset is very sleek and the black color adds more to its elegant style. Logitech G533 is a very good wireless gaming headset available under 100 bucks.

This headset by Logitech surely does set the bar high in terms of quality. The build material is high-quality plastic with the inner lining of metal for strength. The color of the device is matte black. The ear cups are rectangular in shape and large so as to fit around and cover up the ears. They are padded with high-quality mesh fabric. One can use it for hours without any strain on the ears or head because of the lightweight and high-quality material. It weighs only 10.4 ounces.

The headset has a retractable microphone on the left ear cup with active noise cancellation. The lithium polymer battery gives 15 to 16 hours of uninterrupted enjoyment to your ears. This device requires no hardware installation just plug in the USB transmitter and enjoy. There are a volume control scroll, a power button and a mute button on the body of the headset. You can set up the EQ presets according to the game requirements, control the 7.1 DTS surround sound with the help of Logitech gaming software with ease. The pro-grade wireless audio gives high fidelity with the advanced lossless audio transmission.

Logitech G533 is an epitome of high-quality gaming headset. The headset uses DTS 7.1 Surround sound and PRO G audio drivers for perfect positional audio with excellent accuracy and creating the realistic in-game environment.

This product from Logitech is a great example of gaming headset. It excels in almost every department. It is comfortable, excellent sound, great wireless range and 15 hours of battery. The only thing that upsets me that it does not do well with gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox. Otherwise, I found this headset best wireless gaming headset for PCs under $100.

  • Battery life of 15 – 16 hours with full charge.
  • DTS 7.1 Surround Sound.
  • Wireless range of 15m.
  • Excellent sound with PRO G drivers.
  • Lightweight body with sturdy plastic materials.
  • Comfortable to ears.
  • In-body volume control and power button.
  • Not fully compatible with platforms other than PC.
  • Available in only one color.
  • No surround sound on consoles


These are the best gaming headset under 100 dollar that I found testing and research. Hyper X Cloud Alpha is one of my favorite gaming headset that I am using now. I had Hyper X Cloud ll headset as well. Now If you ask me which will be perfect for you, then I would say it depends. Still, Let me summarize.

If you are looking for the best budget good looking gaming headset under 100 dollars then go for Hyper X Cloud ll. The design and sound quality are awesome. Also, If you need wireless headset then go for Corsair Void Pro. Also, another one I can recommend you is SteelSeries Arctis 5. It has great features, good sound quality, comfort etc.

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  1. HI Louis,
    Thanks for making this awesome list and your honest unbiased review.
    I have HyperX Cloud II gaming headset and now I am going to buy Hyper X Cloud Alpha.
    But I have a question, If I buy wireless headset then which one you recommend Logitech G533 or Corsair Void Pro.

    I am also thinking to buy Corsair Void Pro.


  2. Few months back I bought Sennheiser GSP 302. Now I am going to buy Hyper X Cloud Alpha. I just love the design and sound quality. My friends has recently purchased.


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