Nokia Lumia 925 Limited Edition
The Nokia Lumia 925 was revealed at a special press event in London by Nokia on May 14th and Nokia had announced that the new flagship device will initially become available in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and China.
As per rumors, the company officially in London has stated that China will be the first of the initial launch countries to get the Nokia Lumia 925 on June 15th.
Interestingly Nokia is launching a ‘Man of Steel’ limited edition Lumia 925 with the famous Superman logo on the back of the initial batch of exactly 925 units. Wireless charging covers with Superman logos will also be available for consumers as a separate accessory.
 The Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to be launched at a price of CNY 3999, i.e. US$ 653 one day after the movie Man of Steel is released in China which is June 14th.
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