Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nokia Lumia selling well in India: For every 12 Galaxy phones, 11 Lumia smartphones being sold at Amazon India

The Nokia Lumia family is beginning to gain amazing traction in India with the Lumia smartphones selling in near equal numbers to that of the Samsung Galaxy devices on
Interestingly, for every 12 Samsung Galaxy devices sold we have 11 Nokia Lumia smartphones selling on Amazon India, with most being the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. Having launched the budget Lumia devices Nokia's Windows Phone only strategy seems to be paying off, while it sees increasing market share with Windows Phone growing 73% YoY in Europe during Q1.

Check out the Amazon India Top 50 bestsellers list of Nokia and Samsung phones and their rankings below including the highly attractive Nokia Lumia 520 being the second best seller.
Edit: S.No. 5 is Samsung Galaxy S4

The Amazon bestseller smartphone list however is updated hourly and the above smartphones may switch in ranking, nonetheless it does help give an idea on how the Nokia Lumia range is faring in India.

It is importnat to note that has started selling smartphones in India only since the past couple of days or so and the above analysis is to predict the 'current consumer sentiment' in regards to what the preferred choice of buyers is at the moment and not what it was few months back or in Q1 2013. Hence, the list shows what consumers are buying right now thereby showing the current trend.
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